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Overview Caleb Ministries’ Vision

The vision for Caleb 14:24 was first conceived in 1998. Martin felt the concern of God’s heart that throughout the UK and further afield, tens of thousands of Christians of long standing don’t have any knowledge of, or ability to function in their ministry identity. Further, thousands of potential or existing leaders abound – often with an unrecognised, undeveloped and unreleased calling upon their lives.

Over the years, they have developed a balanced approach to mentoring and training leaders as well as helping people find their ministry identity.

Many of these people have a sense of their calling and some have opportunity to express it in part. However, all have in common the feeling that they have more within them than they are currently functioning in and all desire to come into a greater freedom than they have experienced to date.

Martin and Sue Allen (Founders and directors of Caleb 14:24) have become keenly aware of this need within the Body of Christ. Over the years, they have developed a balanced approach to mentoring and training leaders as well as helping people find their ministry identity. With an emphasis upon relationship-centred training, they and the dynamic team that has been developed around them, have created a non-denominational, kingdom hearted and focused ministry and leadership forum that works with local churches and ministries. As such Caleb 14:24 is calling churches and potential or existing leaders to become partakers of this ‘heart’ and:

  • Enjoy a leadership brotherhood where acceptance, mutual esteem, heart sharing and healing can take place in a homely, warm and natural atmosphere of Kingdom love and life.
  • Experience a balanced yet transforming encounter with the Holy Spirit through prophetic teaching and one to one ministry.
  • Connect with men and women of a similar apostolic, Kingdom heart, thus building bridges of powerful Biblical unity within the Body of Christ.
  • Pursue focused and applied prophetic training courses that re-shape the way we view ourselves and our calling, so that our God-given ministry abilities become razor sharp and powerfully effective, Kingdom advancing tools.
  • Be recommended (following the successful completion of our courses), to your pastor, and/or other ministries for fast-tracking into active ministry.
  • Make use of our church consultancy service that works alongside your existing leadership team, to help develop, shape and gear your church for growth.
  • Enjoy an ongoing partnership with this ministry and when facilities become available, receive invitations to attend week-end retreats for times of rest and rejuvenation.
  • Would you like to make a donation to this Ministry? Simply text cale01£(the amount up to £10) to 70070. Your gift is so appreciated. Thank you.
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