Synopsis of our Short Courses

These courses can be delivered either in 4 evening sessions or can be packaged to fit into one whole day – two morning and two afternoon sessions. This could be a mid week day or Saturday.

The style of these courses incorporates seminar, interactive and workshop formats so that each participant leaves with a passion and confidence to go and practice what they have learned in the real world. A certificate of completion is presented to each delegate following the course.

Caleb Explores the Heart of Worship

This 4 session course is designed to help people explore the heart of true worship. We will examine what the Bible teaches about worship and what Jesus meant when He said that, God is spirit and those who worship Him should worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24). An in depth look at what constitutes a ’lifestyle of worship’ is examined, before focusing upon the many creative and diverse ways in which we can give God the glory and worship that is due to Him. The course ends with two practical workshop style sessions. The first provides an opportunity to express such creativity in worship and the final one is designed to help develop the leadership skills of those who have a heart to lead the people of God in a time of corporate worship. During this session, we will focus upon the ‘nuts and bolts’ practicalities of leading in worship, such as: Maintaining a flow of life; Using musical instruments; Ideal sound balances; How to partner with the Holy Spirit to lead people into an intimate heart encounter with the Lord; Dangers to avoid etc. Everyone with a heart for worship and especially those who have a calling to lead worship services, will get a lot out of this course that will benefit them greatly.

Caleb Explores the Prophetic

This 4 session course focuses upon and celebrates the profound fact of Scripture – that ‘… we can all prophesy’ (1 Corinthians 14:31) and thereby bring significant encouragement into the lives of the people we interact with. Such topics as, ‘Awakening the people of God to fulfil their call to be a multi-functional body’; ‘A Biblical perspective regarding the ministry of prophecy’; ‘How to hear from God’; ‘How does God speak to us?’; ‘What constitutes a prophetic people?; How to effectively minister prophetically to people’; ‘Dangers to avoid’ etc will be covered. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with one another, ask questions and explore our prophetic ability in a hands-on, practical way. The course will be conducted in a relaxed, exciting and stirring manner and will be in no way pressurising. Once you have completed this course you will have discovered the amazing, but liberating fact that you too can prophesy and bring Jesus’ words of comfort, encouragement and edification to the people who need them.

Caleb Explores Divine Healing

This highly emotive and misunderstood Christian topic has certainly been subjected to its fair share of controversy from Christians who hail from widely differing ends of the spectrum. Caution runs high and for understandable reasons; the dangerous and heart-breaking results that accompany extreme views and practices have left devastated or disillusioned lives in their wake. Yet the Bible very clearly encourages Christians to pray for the sick – and expect results! This 4 session course will delve deeply into the whole issue of divine healing and explore what the Bible teaches. It attempts to answer such delicate questions such as: ‘Does God heal today?’; ‘Is healing in the atonement?’; Why do some people – even really good, Christian people not get healed?’; ’Should all Christians pray for the sick? If so, how do we go about it?’; ‘What constitutes a balanced, Biblical view of healing?’ The course will tackle these issues in a sensitive, respectful, yet real way. Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions, challenge anything and discover how to practically, skilfully and successfully carry out what the Bible teaches about divine healing.

Caleb Community Outreach Course

Taking a very practical approach, this 4 session course begins by first placing the subject matter firmly on a Biblical basis, making a clear stand that we are not promoting a ‘social gospel’, but the Gospel of the Kingdom and the heart of God as outlined in Isaiah 58. We then explore why the Church in general has often progressively failed to radically influence and affect its surrounding community – who sadly so often view it as rather incongruous and irrelevant. In contrast, we reveal God’s heart for people and community before dissecting the reasons why selected churches that we have been working with are beginning to be successful at helping to transform their communities. The course ends by giving some down-to-earth tools; knowledge and pointers that help a church’s leadership get to grips with and lead the church to interact with their communities.

Synopses of Caleb Ministries’ Short 6 Session Courses

These courses can be delivered either in 6 evening sessions or can be packaged to fit into a weekend involving the first two sessions on a Friday evening and then the remaining 4 sessions delivered on the Saturday – two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The style of these courses incorporates seminar, interactive and workshop formats so that each participant leaves with a passion and confidence to go and practice what they have learned in the real world. A certificate of completion is presented to each delegate following the course.

Caleb Marriage and Family Life Course

With the break-up of marriage and family life now reaching alarming proportions both in and outside the Church, there has never been a greater need for a hands-on, down-to-earth, nitty-gritty course. This 6 session course delivers just that. We explore in a mainly interactive style, many areas that deeply affect the way we conduct our marriages and family life. Such areas include: Protecting personal boundaries; The sexual needs of both partners; How to romance one another and put the spark back into your marriage; Guarding your heart and your marriage from attack; How to peacefully manage finances; The division of labour in the home; How to fill up each other’s love tank; Discovering your partner’s and child’s unique identity, giving them room to develop it and honouring them for it; How to ensure you are bringing up your child in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6); How to maintain a balance between giving your children plenty of love and plenty of discipline etc. This is a life changing course which has helped many couples in quite profound ways. It will enhance and improve all marriages and families whether they are rock solid or fragile and struggling.

Caleb Small Group Leaders’ Equipping Course

Even with a casual reading of the Acts of the Apostles it becomes quite evident that the Early Church had two essentially different styles of Christian worship gatherings – the larger temple gathering and the smaller, more intimate group that met in people’s homes. Indeed, Acts 5:42 tells us that: “… every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.

Since that time, the Church has certainly maintained the ‘temple’ context of meeting together on a Sunday, but until relatively recently, the small group context has largely been overlooked and not practiced. However good a pastor is, it becomes all but impossible to devote sufficient time to cater for the needs of each Christian and bring them to functioning maturity. To try and do this could easily lead to a nervous breakdown as Jethro cautioned Moses in Exodus 18:18. He went on to advise him to divide the congregation of Israel into small groups of 10 and appoint many leaders over such groups to care for the people. Of course this is the model that Jesus adopted with His disciples and one that was immediately practiced by the Early Church. It became the way that the Church effectively cared for, discipled, equipped and trained its people into functioning members and ministers.

We have found as former pastors, that small group – or cell group ministry is a vital component in ensuring a church runs effectively. The Caleb Cell Leaders’ Equipping Course was developed from such experiences and is aimed at existing or aspiring small group ‘cell’ leaders and comprises of 6 sessions, each containing two 30min teaching slots and two 25 min interactive sessions. Here is an overview of each session:

Session 1: The Heart, Purpose and Theology of Cells. Session 2: Developing a Vision for your Cell and Cell Meeting Dynamics’. Session 3: The Shepherding Heart of the Cell Leader. Session 4: How to Disciple people and help Equip them to become doers and not hearers only. Session 5: The Nature and Practicalities involved in Cell Group Evangelism’. Session 6: Running cells and evaluating if someone is called to this ministry.

Caleb Freedom Course

It was for freedom that Christ set you free, therefore do not submit again to a yolk of bondage. (Galatians 5:1) The implication in this verse is that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross not only involved our salvation from sin’s penalty, but also encompasses His heart’s desire to make us completely free from the negative affects of sin’s power. To take it a stage further, the verse implies that all Christians should be enjoying a victory over every aspect of their former lives of bondage and a level of inner freedom that affects all aspects of their spirit, soul and body.

Sadly, so many of us settle for a standard of life that falls so far short of this ideal and we seem to feel that it is ‘normal’ to have to put up with low standards of living, loving and influencing. How many people in your church do you know – maybe including yourself – who exhibit the negative traits of insecurity, defensive or offensive reactions, cold hearted cynicism, aggression, anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness, feelings of abandonment, inferiority, intimidation, fear etc? These emotional states weaken, limit, hinder and destroy our effectiveness and testimonies as Christians in a world that looks to us for answers.

The awesome truth is that Jesus has provided keys to cause dramatic changes in our thinking patterns by helping us to discover a truth that nullifies the lies that underlie our belief system and which shape the paradigms we have of ourselves. He really meant what He said in John 8:32 that, ‘They shall know the Truth and the Truth will set them free’. He is the Truth and our encounters with Him not only set us free from sin’s judgment but also from sin’s lie-based limitations.

The 6 session Caleb Freedom course explores this phenomenon in depth and detail and exposes the enemy’s devastating weapons that keep so many of us trapped and ineffective. The great arsenal of Truth is then Biblically unveiled and the ‘lights start going on’ in our hearts as we begin to see the way out of Satan’s lie-based snares – the strongholds in our minds. The final two sessions involve the use of an insightful tool designed to help us identify any strongholds in our lives before we give one-on-one specific ministry to every delegate, that leads them into complete freedom.

We have delivered this course to over 150 people since we began taking it to churches in 2007. Since that time we have had scores of quite amazing testimonies from a whole variety of people who tell us of what the Lord has done in their lives through this ministry.

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