Core Values

When anyone engages with Caleb Ministries, we want them to experience and enjoy the ethos created by the following attributes that we highly value:

1) People who possess and exhibit a ‘Different spirit’: Numbers 14:24 records that Caleb was a man of a different spirit. So, in line with his qualities, we value:

  • a. Courage to see with the eyes of our spirits, beyond the immediate, to what is possible with God.
  • b. Faith working through a passionate love for God and His people, so that perceived ‘giants become grass-hoppers’ and perceived ‘grass-hoppers become God’s giants’!
  • c. The cultivation of deep, meaningful heart relationships as a vehicle for radical discipleship and the emergence of kingdom oriented, organic churches that love one another as spiritual families.
  • d. Humility that endures tenaciously, patiently walks in the opposite spirit, encourages wholeheartedly and believes that every obstacles can be overcome in Jesus’ Name.
  • e. Commitment that stays the course, realises their full potential, enters into their inheritance, becomes a blessing and ‘dies empty’..

2. Servants of the Body: By allowing the cross to deal with the selfishness and opinionated pride in our hearts, we desire to cultivate an ethos of servant-heartedness, esteeming others as better than ourselves (Philippians 2:3) As such we desire that all pastors, leaders, churches and ministries, irrespective of style or tradition, feel respected and honoured when they interact with us. To that end, we love networking and bridge-building with all leaders and churches, ever seeking to play our part to unite us all upon the common ground of … ‘seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness’.To so cultivate our hearts that we desire and become servants of the Body, respecting and honouring all pastors, leaders, churches and ministries, irrespective of style or tradition. To thereby help facilitate networking and bridge-building between the leaders of life-giving churches, ever seeking to unite us all upon the common ground of … ‘seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness’.

3. Christ-centred Brotherhood: We desire to create and radiate a warm brotherly heart in our interactions with leaders and people everywhere; a heart that honours, trusts, accepts, believes in, heals, restores, equips and releases by:

  • a. Ensuring that this culture of honour pervades everything we are and do.
  • b. Ever desiring to love at God’s intended level so that an atmosphere of openness, heart sharing and accountability is created naturally, thus promoting and modelling the spirit of oneness and agape love.
  • c. Creating physical environments that are therapeutic and conducive to the cultivation of this heart – initially in our home and at other venues but ultimately in the Caleb Kingdom Life Centre, which will be the fulfilment of our dream.

4. Balanced Holy Spirit Encounters: We encourage the proactive growth of a faith environment as we engage with people where prophetic activity, healing, deliverance and spiritual freedom for all is regularly experienced, achieved by:

  • a. Helping leaders to become aware of their ability to hear from God and step out as He leads and prompts them./em>
  • b. Helping to build confidence and faith so that they step out and engage in wise prophetic activity according to the spiritual gifts they possess, and to minister to one another sensitively using these gifts.

5. Holistic Abundant Life Living: To help one another become prosperous in soul so that the whole of life prospers (3 John 2). This involves all aspects of our lives and includes:

  • a. Our mind, will and emotions
  • b. The health of our minds and bodies.
  • c. Our marriages and families.
  • d. Our new creation recreation
  • e. Our finances, businesses and employment.
  • f. Our responsibility and love for the natural creation.
  • g. Our care for the community in which we live.

6. A passion for Apostolic Mission: Such a missional mind displays a passion to extend God’s kingdom everywhere. The expression of this heart has become a central theme that weaves throughout our courses and networking interactions. There is an expectation ethos that our students will become equipped and encouraged to reach out to the harvest at local and even global levels. .

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