How Caleb Ministries Can Help Your Church Ministry

The ministry of Caleb currently serves the Church in eleven specific ways:

1. Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC)

The two year Caleb Leadership Development Course is designed to give experienced or aspiring leaders a general equipping course that covers many essential leadership themes. Each module involves an in-depth examination of the many practical aspects and skills that make excellent leaders.

Taking place once a month, these Caleb courses contain both teaching sessions of between 35 – 40 mins. and small group interactive times of around 30 – 35 mins. In a typical day there will be 3 teaching sessions and 2 interactive times, with a short feed-back session at the end. At the end of the course, each student who has completed at least 75% of the course modules will receive an Accredited Certificate of Completion. Click HERE to see a comprehensive breakdown of the content of this course. To enrol on this course or request further information, please click HERE.

2. Caleb Select Courses:

We offer a tailor made, specific leadership development course for any church or ministry. In this way, senior pastors, leaders or elders can select from the leadership or ministry topics listed in every one of our courses, those issues that they feel are most appropriate for their people and leaders. We then go to the venue of their choice on dates most convenient for them and their leaders and deliver the ministry or leadership topics they have selected. This can comprise of a one-off session to several or all of the sessions and topics on offer. Click HERE to see the flyers for all of our Caleb courses.

3. Caleb Small Group/Cell Leaders’ Course:

This course is aimed at existing or aspiring small group ‘cell’ leaders and comprises of 6 sessions, each containing two 30 min teaching slots and two 25 min interactive sessions. It examines a brief theology of cells before presenting a unique model of the ideal vision and content of a small group. The ‘thrills and spills’ practicalities of running a small group are then explored in some depth. This course has developed out of our own personal pastoring experience when we first became involved in church planting. We have delivered it in both the UK and Africa. Every time, the feedback has been very positive.

4. Caleb Inner Freedom Course:

This is a short course that either takes place on Saturdays or week day evenings. Comprising of a 40 minute teaching slot followed by an interactive time of around 40 minutes, five sessions are required to complete the course. This can be done on two Saturday sessions or spread over 5 weeks. They are designed to help all members of the congregation to become set free from issues on the inside that give rise to persistent problems on the outside. The course aims to help Christians who cannot seem to escape their negative mindset and world view that frequently ensnares them and adversely affects their relationships. The course deals with these issues by examining the cause of underlying strongholds, defensive reactions and lie-based thinking. One to one power encounter ministry always follows the teaching and significant positive changes have been experienced by many. Click HERE to read some testimonials of those who have completed this course.

5. Caleb Explores the Prophetic Course:

This 4 session course focuses upon and celebrates the profound fact of Scripture – that ‘… we can all prophesy’ (1 Corinthians 14:31) and thereby bring significant blessing and encouragement into the lives of the people we interact with. Such topics as, ‘Awakening the people of God to fulfil their call to be a multi-functional body’; ‘A Biblical perspective regarding the ministry of prophecy’; ‘How to hear from God’; ‘How does God speak to us?’; ‘What constitutes a prophetic people?; How to effectively minister prophetically to people’; ‘Dangers to avoid’ etc are covered. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with one another, ask questions and explore our prophetic ability in a hands-on, relaxed, practical way.

6. Caleb Explores Divine Healing Course:

This 4 session course delves deeply into the whole issue of divine healing and explores what the Bible teaches. It attempts to answer such delicate questions as: ‘Does God heal today?’; ‘Is healing in the atonement?’; Why do some people – even really good, Christian people not get healed?’; ’Should all Christians pray for the sick? If so, how do we go about it?’; ‘What constitutes a balanced, Biblical view of healing?’ The course tackles these issues in a sensitive, respectful, yet real way. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions, challenge anything and discover how to practically, skilfully and successfully carry out what the Bible teaches about divine healing.

7. Caleb Explores the Heart of Worship Course:

This 4 session course is designed to help people explore the heart of true worship. We examine what the Bible teaches about worship and take an in depth look at what constitutes a ’lifestyle of worship’, before focusing upon the many creative and diverse ways in which we can give God the glory due to Him. The course ends with two practical workshop style sessions. The first provides an opportunity to express such creativity in worship and the final one is designed to help develop the leadership skills of those who have a heart to lead the people of God in a time of corporate worship. Everyone with a heart for worship and especially those who have a calling to lead worship services, will get a lot out of this course that will benefit them greatly.

8. Caleb Marriage and Family Life Course:

During this 6 session course we explore in a mainly interactive style, many areas that deeply affect the way we conduct our marriages and family life. Such areas include: Protecting personal boundaries; The sexual needs of both partners; How to romance one another and put the spark back into your marriage; Guarding your heart and your marriage from attack; How to peacefully manage finances; The division of labour in the home; How to fill up each other’s love tank; Discovering your partner’s and child’s unique identity, giving them room to develop it and honouring them for it; How to ensure you are bringing up your child in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6); How to maintain a balance between giving your children plenty of love and enough discipline etc. This is a life changing course which has helped many couples in quite profound ways. It will enhance and improve all marriages and families.

9. Caleb Community Outreach Course

Taking a very practical approach, this 4 session course begins by first placing the subject matter firmly on a Biblical basis, making a clear stand that we are not promoting a ‘social gospel’, but the Gospel of the Kingdom and the heart of God as outlined in Isaiah 58. We then explore why the Church in general has often progressively failed to radically influence and affect its surrounding community – who sadly so often view it as rather incongruous and irrelevant. In contrast, we reveal God’s heart for people and community before dissecting the reasons why selected churches that we have been working with are beginning to be successful at helping to transform their communities. The course ends by giving some down-to-earth tools; knowledge and pointers that help a church’s leadership get to grips with and lead the church to interact with their communities.

10. Caleb Consultancies:

There are many churches, ministries and Christian charities scattered throughout the UK comprising of lovely Christians with wonderful hearts and enormous latent potential. However, because of a lack of leadership identification, a blurred vision and little effective training and equipping, many of them struggle along, barely managing to survive. Caleb Consultancies was designed to work with such churches and ministries, as well as the pastors and leaders who may serve them, on a longer term basis. Following consultation meetings to ascertain the areas of their church/ministry’s life that need improving, a programme of development is then mutually decided upon and activated.

11. Caleb Regional Breakfast Seminars:

Realising that many pastors and leaders have little time to network with other leaders in their locality, Caleb has developed a way of bridging this gap by organising monthly breakfast seminars for busy leaders in a variety of locations in the UK. They are designed purely and only to build relational bridges of Kingdom unity in order to celebrate our oneness in Christ, explore how we can best help one another advance His Kingdom in the spheres of influence that we all represent, receive relevant input and extend our Kingdom networks. To find out where and when the next one nearest to you will take place, please click HERE.

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