Testimonies from Those Who Have Completed the Caleb Leadership Development Course

Testimonies from the 2019 ‘Missional Links Wales’ Young Interns Who Have Just Completed Their Caleb Leadership Development Course

Owen Hughes (Youth Worker in an Ogmore-by-Sea Church, South Wales)
The Caleb Leadership Development Course is an incredible course that will allow you to find identify and grow the gifts and talents that God has given you. Caleb Ministries provides unique, relational training that will give you the confidence to lead in your church, your business and to truly understand the way God has wired you to make a difference for the kingdom. I am thankful for Martin and the whole team at Caleb for releasing the potential in people to lead across the globe.

Hannah Sober (Youth Worker from Louisiana, USA)
The Caleb leadership course has helped me to better understand how I function and how to reach my full potential as a leader. Using the knowledge from Caleb, I can now help others to discover their own God given talents and find how they can best serve and find fulfilment in how God has made them to be.

Haven Taylor (Youth Worker from Texas, USA)
I am very thankful for the Caleb Leadership Development course for helping me realize my potential and grow in my skills and gifts. It has helped me understand what a healthy, biblical model of a church should look like, and has helped me understand how to work best with different churches and leaders.

Audralynne Burns (Youth Worker from Florida, USA)
The Caleb Leadership Development Course has really helped me in developing and understanding my spiritual gifts. I have gained so much confidence in my leadership at my church now that I know where I fit in. This course is truly helpful in any and all leadership rolls.

Madison Perry (Youth Worker from Texas, USA)
Taking part in Caleb this year has been really helpful and insightful in my life. From learning things specifically about how I function as a leader, to learning more about the function of the church. It’s helped me understand more about who I am as a person and how I work in the tasks that I am given. It’s been a very eye-opening experience and I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to learn from Martin, Rob Burns and Rob Jones.

Abby Claire-Smith (Youth Worker from Louisiana, USA)
The Caleb course has challenged me and pushed me to grow in different areas of ministry and my relationship with the Lord. I have learned more about my own self through doing this course, such as my spiritual gifting as well as being challenged in areas I have not always been comfortable with. Overall I have absolutely loved every moment of this course training and will always value it and take what I have learned into my future en-devours in ministry work. I am thankful for Martin taking his time to come teach us each month and share his passion for this program with us.

Testimonies from Those Who Completed our First Caleb Leadership Development Course in Johannesburg, South Africa

Pastor Indrani Perumal (Senior Pastor and Church Planter)
I have been to many leadership courses in my Christian life; each course played a vital role in sharpening my skills. However, never in my life have I been more convicted, convinced and challenged doctrinally, theologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically like the way I have been on the CALEB course.

The Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC) has opened up to me new dimensions in my Christian walk. All that I have acquired over the years has come into focus through pursuing this course and it has all become a realty before my eyes. Now there is this thirsting for more of the ‘Caleb different spirit’. It has changed the course of my life and every module has been an eye-opener. Amidst the teachings, the sweet Holy Spirit was present, constantly nudging me to embrace more. I am now convinced that presenting the Gospel with a different spirit is what’s going to bring souls to the kingdom of God.

CALEB has helped prepare me to unleash the potential in other believers young and old and has shown me how to become more intimate with God. My intention is to teach the principles that I have learned to small groups of disciples so that individual lives are impacted, just as 2 Timothy 2:2 exhorts us: ‘And the things you heard me say, in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who also will be qualified to teach others.’

In my assessment as a senior pastor for many years, I believe that every leader in Africa needs this training as over the years, the Church in Africa has changed drastically. Some churches have disappeared, others seem to have been drawn to extra-biblical excesses of various kinds. This has ranged from an excessive emphasis on prosperity to mixing biblical practices with forms of witchcraft for self-interested gain etc. Thus the Gospel – especially in the more rural regions of Africa, has become contaminated by man’s false teaching. As such, trained leaders will definitely cause a huge breakthrough in Africa. I feel that CALEB’s leadership training programmes carry the potential to become a burning torch in Africa to bring back truth and life so that the bride of Christ can be well prepared.

Pastor Jay Perumal (Senior Pastor and Church Planter)
I was very privileged to be a part of the CLDC programme and as an instructional medium, I found the course to be very insightful and thoroughly refreshing. I gained much wisdom and knowledge to equip me in my quest to rediscover the 5-fold gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4:11. Throughout the course I sensed a strong impartation of the Spirit’s work in the hearts of all leaders to execute their role to their maximum capacity. The training of CALEB has brought about a much needed tool not only to traditional Pentecostals but also to other streams of evangelicalism. I highly recommend it.

In the African context I think that CALEB’s training programmes will greatly help leaders – particularly in rural development areas. Unlike the urban regions, where technology and advancement has had a marked influence, shaping our leadership styles and how we think, the rural situation is very different. In these contexts well-trained leaders can create a significant impact – particularly using small missional community movements to impact their villagers, who can then transmit the training onto others via small groups. I consider that CALEB’s training can have a significant impact on both fronts in the African context.

Pastor Meshack Gezani Chauke (Pastor and Church Planter in the Limpopo Region)
I have been revived since I started attending the Caleb Leadership Development Course in Johannesburg. God has put a fire in my heart, so now I have a desire and the courage to use this material to inspire other leaders for the cause of His kingdom. It helped me to receive and develop a kingdom mindset, which has opened my eyes much more widely than before to what it means to lead from a Kingdom perspective.

This course has the potential to change and transform our mindsets as leaders in Africa. When such radical transformations take place, the Church of Africa will align itself more fully with God’s purposes and also grow numerically and spiritually.

I firmly believe that healthy leaders build healthy churches. The ministry of CALEB and its training courses are really needed here in Africa to establish healthy churches for God’s glory and the extension of His kingdom.

Molly Chetty (Bank Manager and Church Leader)
CALEB has helped me in broadening my horizons in terms of understanding my role and responsibilities as a church leader as well as identify my shortfalls. It has also shown me the need for a mind-set and attitude change for all church leaders to enable them to make the transition from current to kingdom leadership.

I have always been a leader in the secular world and know how to manage teams but this course showed me how to manage a church team which requires less of a natural and more of a supernatural approach. One of my biggest challenges has been effective time management and I was very blessed to see that CALEB has offered a simple and practical guide to assist in overcoming this.

I think the CALEB course should be compulsory for every existing and future church leader across the globe. It is a phenomenal course.

Bradley Ramsamy (Worship Leader)
I thank God for Pastors Martin Allen and Ken Iveson, who introduced our church to The CALEB Course. They have been Star Missionaries who, through long periods of hard sacrifice, taught us diligently over these 2-3 months.

CALEB has given me important tools to use and teach the members of our Worship Team. Eg: Prioritizing and Managing Time, Kingdom Worship, Protecting Personal Boundaries, Building Effective Teams, Relational Leadership etc. and many more. I’m glad I get to keep the content and will use it as a 2 way mirror manual – keeping us close to the Word in all we do and by providing a measure to evaluate our worship and church progress.

I would recommend this theologically sound course to Leaders, Elders and Workers in Churches across Africa, so that they are educated further and not led astray.

The CALEB course has taught us:
- How to discover your unique identity.
- How the 5 fold ministry operates in churches.
- How to develop churches that are more relational and organic.
- How to operate with a Kingdom mentality
- How to sustain your ministry for a lifelong period.
And much, much more.

I am truly blessed to have attended a course of such Spiritual Depth. Thank you. God’s blessing upon Caleb and its leaders for your future endeavours.

Chantel Morar (Full Time Leader in Christian Revival Centre, Lenasia, Johannesburg)
I am 34 years old and attended the recent CALEB Leadership Development Course in South Africa with Pastors Ken and Martin as our course deliverers. Their lives were inspiring and challenged me to raise my level of faith in Christ. I learned more than theoretical information; I was convicted and challenged to change my thinking as a result of all that Caleb taught. The content of the course caused me to search my heart and evaluate it in light of God’s Word; it was deep and yet practical for everyday living. I re-examined my calling to ministry and my current responsibilities in order to find my fit in the Kingdom of God. The diagnostic tools were great reminders in understanding how God designed me. I was encouraged to have the gift of teaching confirmed as one of my motivational gifts. I was surprised to find that administration was another motivational gift I have. In the past I saw administration only as a duty I performed in ministry and after doing Module 2, I am convinced that administration can be used to extend the Kingdom of God.

As a leader, I was reminded of the importance of the heart and character required for a spiritual leader, which was taught and demonstrated at every module. I believe that CALEB is what the church needs today as many may have strayed far away from God’s intended purpose. CALEB truly is a call to anointed leaders in helping to empower the Body of Christ. Trained leaders are vital in advancing the Kingdom of God. I believe that CALEB proved to be effective in teaching and training leaders to do what God has called them to do in their unique context. I would encourage every believer to do the CALEB Leadership Development Course, so that they can be better equipped to minister in the Kingdom of God.

Testimonies from Those Who Have Completed the UK based Caleb Leadership Development Course

Sian Rees (Director of the Evangelical Alliance Wales) ~ A testimonial for our course OCN Marker, Trudy

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

You have been endlessly supportive and literally my greatest source of encouragement this year! I REALLY appreciate all your hard work marking my assignments and for returning each one with words of kindness and grace. Thank you for always cheering me on and for helping me to make the assignments the best I can make them. I’ll be praying tonight that God reimburses you for the time you’ve spent marking and emailing and that He just blesses you hugely for all the kindness you have shown.

Dr. Lee Campbell (Preacher and Leader at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Barry)

I jumped at the opportunity of registering for the Caleb Leadership Course, when Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, my home church, was decided upon as the venue to host the Vale Caleb Course, in the spring of 2013.

I found the course an absolute revelation right from the very first module. As a relatively new Christian of only 6 years, I feel very blessed to have sat under this teaching and ministry so early on in my Christian walk, and I am really thankful to Martin, Sue and the Caleb team for bringing the course to the Vale. I feel it has, and will continue to shape the way I walk with the LORD, and importantly as one involved in church leadership, help shape the way I encourage others to grow and mature in Christ. The course has taught me the true essence of what it means to operate within a Kingdom dynamic, something that is so often missing from mainstream church today.

The course units were expertly structured and assembled, with each unit wonderfully building upon the others, to form a well-rounded course that touched all aspects and areas of a leader-disciple’s life. Importantly, they were delivered in an atmosphere of love, understanding and serenity without any hint of religiosity and judgement. The teachers and the styles of teaching were varied throughout, ensuring a wonderful mix that kept everything fresh and vibrant, yet continued to be revelation, all without deviating from the spirit of Caleb. I always came away feeling very refreshed and greatly empowered.

The units were organised into easily digestible 4-hour bite sizes, which at once a month is even manageable, for people such as myself, who tend to find themselves very busy, and dare I say it a little bit unorganised. Amazingly, there is even teaching within the course to address the latter. I found the teaching very biblical and at no time did it deviate from the truth of scripture. In fact, the richness of the teaching helped me reconcile some common misunderstandings that can be readily found within mainstream church – particularly concerning the areas of prophesy, five-fold ministry, church structure and function and the responsibilities of every believer.

I would strongly advise anyone who is considering to enrol on a Caleb course to also register to do the extra assignments to obtain a Level 3 qualification from the Open College Network, if possible. The OCN element greatly helps reinforce what has been taught and allows for independent research without being a grind. Committing to complete the written assessment questions has resulted in me being able to identify and attain a fuller understanding of my unique gifting within the body of Christ. The many practicable exercises incorporated into the module’s questions and has greatly enhanced the way I lead and serve within the context of my home church. These allow the student to put theory directly into practice, as well as serving to quickly allay any fears or misconceptions that anyone may have regarding enrolling for a course, thinking that it is purely academic in nature. The online support and encouragement that I received throughout the course from the tutors was amazing and their patience and helpful insight was a true blessing.

I find myself continually revisiting the material that I have learned in order to help me in my secular day job as well as my church life. The modules on vision, qualities of leadership, boundaries, spiritual warfare and financial planning are the ones that spring to mind here. However, when we operate within a kingdom dynamic, as the course teaches, and when we pursue everything with a sanctified mind, we soon realise that there is no difference between church life and secular living, as all are honouring to God when lived right. I continually look for opportunities in which to encourage others so that they can be truly released in to their full potential and gifting for the Kingdom, just like I feel I have since attending the course.

Although initially promoted as a Leadership course to equip current church leaders, I feel that everyone who is serious about their walk and relationship with Jesus should embark on the course. It is a life-changing discipleship course that will last life-long, and it is delivered with a spirit that we only really read about in Acts. Like myself, anyone who enrols on a Caleb course will soon find their Christian walk taken to a whole new level as they feel their lives greatly enriched, which can only bear fruit when a Spirit-led student applies the principles of the course to their daily walk. Throughout, the course teaches us how to be relational to the community in which we have been placed to serve, without compromising the truth of the Gospel. It is really this heart and mind dynamic that will see God’s people bear impact upon the society of today.

During the duration of the course I had the pleasure of meeting many new people and forming lasting friendships. The only regret I have is that the course came to an end, but as a result of attending I quickly realise that I am really only just starting on a wonderful new journey and course of enhanced lifelong discipleship that will help me serve others better and better help others to serve and live a life that is fully alive to Christ.

Joan Hughes (Developing Leader at Gateway Church, Merthyr Tydfil)

There’s only one thing that disappoints me about this course, it’s ended! Right from the outset it took me on a journey that was informative and inspiring. The material is of an extremely high calibre, presented by gifted teachers who themselves reflect the essence of the kingdom servant-heartedness they teach.

The course enabled me identify my own strengths and weaknesses while several modules were particularly challenging to me personally.

To have sat under such teaching was a privilege. I feel an immense sense of gratitude to Martin and everyone involved in its presentation. It has had a genuine impact on me and I feel confident that I will be a better leader for it.

Anyone who aspires to serve the kingdom in a leadership capacity will undoubtedly benefit from attending this course. It’s imparts far more than just head knowledge, it touches the heart. Thank you Caleb….

Steve Morris (Senior Pastor of Caernarfon Pentecostal Church, North Wales)

Having just finished the 2 year Caleb course here in Caernarfon, three things have particularly stood out to me:
1) The manner in which the course was delivered has always carried a sense of servant heartedness towards the Church. One of their core values has been, “How can we bless and encourage you in your walk with the Lord and in your leadership?”
2) The quality of the course content as well as the printed notes and slides have been outstanding – balanced and always rooted in Scripture.
3) Love for the Lord has always been obvious in the course teachers. They have all been different, but this is one thing that stands out and unifies them all!

Pursuing this course has enabled me to become more aware of the type of leader that I am. As a senior leader I am already seeing areas of my leadership that have been positively affected by what I have learned. This in turn has blessed the ministry I bring to the church I’m involved with.

Accordingly, I whole-heartedly recommend CALEB Ministries to anyone in Wales who has a heart to help lead Christ’s body into health and growth!

Steve Harmes (Senior Pastor of River Dee Community Church, Flint, North Wales)

“This is one of the most balanced and comprehensive leadership courses I have encountered. Much has been imparted and planted within my heart and ministry. Thank you so much.”

Rev. Paulette Gower (Vicar of St Francis Church, North Wales)

“Thank you for a fantastic course helping me to learn, grow and develop. You have empowered me as a church leader.”

Christine Chandler (Developing Pastoral Worker, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Barry)

“This is a blessed course, delivered by a ministry of people moved by the Holy Spirit. I wish I had found and attended the course right from the beginning. Even so, my journey towards a pastoral role has been enabled.
You will find impressive course material and calibre of delivery. Highly recommended.”

Dale Barnhouse (Pastor of The Rock Community Church, Gilfach Goch)

“I found that attending the two year Caleb Leadership Development Course has helped my character develop so much. My confidence has grown from strength to strength and my ability to write and study has improved. I have a better understanding of the way in which we are to impact our fellowships by discovering my true identity in Christ. At the beginning of the course I was in a worship team and then went on to be a worship leader. Now I am a pastor at a local church; God has opened so many doors for me. So I would strongly recommend this course to those who feel a calling to leadership on their lives and want to understand and experience God on another level. If you’re like I was before I started – thinking I was just not good enough to pursue a course such as this one, take my advice and just do it! It’s been a stretch, but God will get you through. I’ve made incredible friendships that will last for life and Martin, Sue and the team have been such a source of encouragement and help. They’ve made this advanced, Level 3 standard course so easy to understand and each module was delivered in a very professional way. I would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills”

Pat Lewis (Church Plant Leader of St Luke’s Church, Merthyr Tydfil)

“When I first started the course, I thought it would be confirming things I knew from my secular role in management as well as my involvement in Church leadership. How wrong I was! I began learning like a novice from Day 1. This course has had a major impact on me as an individual, as well as from a leadership perspective. I have now become practiced in looking at everything from a 5-fold ministry, Christ-centred perspective – even though I thought I was doing things Biblically before. Do come and learn how to continue to lead by serving and serve by continuing to lead. This course is exceptional and all leaders and aspiring leaders should seriously consider enrolling on the next one near where you live. I highly recommend it.”

Shaun Sullivan (Pastoral Leader of the Encounter House Church, Aberbargoed)

Firstly I’d like thank Martin, Sue & the team at Caleb for all the kingdom hearted love and kindness they’ve poured out over the last 2 years. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Caleb Leadership Development Course. I have found it to be a very well balanced, holistic approach to leadership development that will help, encourage and mature all who are willing to take the teaching to heart. Involving all aspects of our being – mind, heart & spirit, it endeavours to develop a true Kingdom mindset in everyone by presenting the heart of King Jesus.

The way the course is structured helps you identify the gifts, callings and characteristics that Father has placed within you and the Caleb team are there to encourage & empower you to be the most anointed leader you could be.

The last 2 years will stay with me forever as the Lord, through this course, has developed within me a wonderful substance that has released an extra dimension of His life – practically, theoretically and spiritually. Thank you Jesus for the work you’re doing through Caleb Ministries.

Jenny Grant (Senior Prayer Co-ordinator and Cell Group Leader)

The past 2 years spent under the teaching of Caleb Ministries has developed my ability to see “church” from the perspective of God. It has brought to me an even greater understanding of the Apostolic that is so necessary for today’s church. The application of this teaching could be the deciding factor as to whether or not a church will move forward with God at this important time in His-story, or remain static – even regress.

The teaching is dynamic, thought provoking, stimulating and life changing! Leadership skills, at every level, are developed through coaching and practical workshops. The course brings a clear focus upon giftings and God given talents resulting in removing any ambiguity from one’s own idea of what ministry is for us as a person, clarifying one’s part in the Kingdom of God.

Caleb teaching/ ministry is producing people of the ” different spirit” as recorded in the Numbers 14:24, a spirit which will form foundations from which God’s people are to launch tomorrow’s church- today- i.e. with changed attitudes and an enlarged vision for God’s Kingdom purposes.

This surely is a ministry which will change God’s church until God’s purposes are worked out for His glory! I highly recommend it to any reading this testimonial.

Megan Griffiths (Co-ordinator of Pastoral Care and Cell Group Leader)

Over the last nineteen months it has been a privilege to attend the Caleb Leaders’ course led by Martin and Sue Allen. The anointed teaching, excellent prepared notes, encouragement, fellowship and hospitality received during the Caleb days have been superb. I would greatly encourage others to enrol for the next course.

Ann Edwards (Pastoral Worker and Cell Group Intern)

The professional nature of the leadership has inspired me to develop myself personally and has built up my confidence to an all-time high.  Where I was once daunted about praying out-loud, I now feel comfortable speaking and praying when leading small groups.  The course has equipped me in various aspects of leadership, and has allowed me to use my talents and gifts constructively.


Rev. Dr. Alan Stephenson (Founding Director & CEO of The Joshua Foundation)

“I have known Pastors Martin and Sue Allen for the past 6 years and it’s been a joy to work with them over that time. They came to Tanzania to work as our British Director for 2 years and became involved in the training of leaders and bringing ministry to various churches of all sorts of denominational backgrounds. I know that many leaders and churches have been genuinely helped by their ministry. So I am glad to be able to recommend Caleb Ministries. Now operating in the UK, I have taken part in some of their courses. It has been a delight to see the changes in people’s lives who have come along to these sessions. The dedication and commitment of Martin and Sue to the on going job that Caleb is performing has been inspiring. They minister right across the Body of Christ with the whole intent to see believers established into a great relationship with Jesus so that they can take this passion combined with what they have learned, back into their churches and regions to powerfully affect them. So I commend them and the work that they are doing and encourage you to get involved with them too.”

Phil Davies LLB (Founding Director and CEO of Sporting Marvels)

“Over the last three or four years I have got to know Martin well. He is a man of impeccable character and the highest integrity. Without fail, Martin’s teaching reveals a burning love of the Scriptures and a level of insight that is always perceptive, challenging and rich with revelation. I would have no hesitation in unequivocally commending Martin and Caleb Ministries to all and sundry.”

Rev. Rodney Francis (Founding Director & CEO of The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry)

“I have known Rev. Martin (and Sue) Allen for several years, visited and stayed with him when he was ministering in Arusha, Tanzania, and have also ministered with him in Pontypridd, South Wales, at his Caleb Ministries Training School. Martin has a heart to see people equipped and released into the service of the Lord. I recommend his ministry to you, and know his heart is to bless, and be a blessing.”

Rev. Dr. Niall Cluley (Founding Director of the Renewal Bible School)

“Rev. Martin Allen is an excellent, inspiring and well informed teacher of God’s Word – able to share in a way that can easily be understood, but which contains many practical ideas so that people can “go and do”, rather than merely “hear”. His enthusiasm for, and commitment to Scripture is evident in every area of his life. As a former Pastor of our Church, his work amongst the people was quite brilliant: the people for whom he has cared have been discipled into loving, and very committed believers.”

Gary Coleman (Leader of Providence Church)

“Martin’s teaching sessions – short, sharp and very effective are done with love and humility. They have increased our knowledge of Jesus and His work in our community. We were expecting and we have experienced great things through Caleb Ministries. For the fist time, we have all experienced the development of our gifts and we have grown in wisdom and right standing which is turning us into a great power house for Jesus.”

Rev John Bullock (Senior Pastor, Gatehouse Church)

“At the beginning of 2007, I asked Martin and Sue Allen if they would deliver their Caleb Freedom course to every Cell Group in the Gatehouse Church. It took them the whole year to deliver the course and minister into the lives of the people in each of our cell groups and Ican unreservedly affirm that it has been a great success. Ipersonally attended their 6 week course and have since that time, received many testimonies from people of all walks of life in our church who have told me how the Lord has healed and trans­formed their lives through the unique ministry Caleb Freedom has to offer. I highly commend this course – and Martin and Sue, to any pastor or senior leader responsible for perfecting the saints. Caleb Freedom will deliver and significantly help your people.”

General Testimonies from Short Course Participants

Adam Mathias (The Gate, Cardiff)

‘I feel that I have been given the tools to start claiming my identity and inheritance in Christ now. The content was clear, helpful and powerful and I look forward to starting to apply it to my life to bring change and transformation. Excellent and inspirational!’’

Trevor Summerlin (Senior Christian Counsellor and Leader)

‘I came prepared to be challenged about the way we tend to think about ourselves. This day has motivated us into becoming more practical about the demonstration of our faith. This is an absolute must for every believer.’

Bob Nash (Mature Christian)

‘Very challenging day; lots to take away and think about in order to put into practice.
The content of the course was excellent, thought provoking and sometimes mind blowing. And the hospitality and catering was excellent in every way. There was a wonderful “oneness of Spirit” from the start. Though the day has been challenging it has been a very positive day and that can continue to be extended into our lives forever.’

Rev. Gary Spencer (Former Pastor and Leader; Chair on several Christian Trusts)

‘Lovely sense of God’s Spirit in the worship. The hospitality was heartfelt. This day is invaluable to anyone wanting to rise into another level. I have learnt a lot and Martin has boldly expressed his knowledge in a plain and simple way which is easy for us to understand and will enable us to develop. People are missing out if they don’t attend.’

Testimony from Greg

I just want to thank you for the time you spent with me a few weekends ago… you were certainly used by God to bring about a big change in my life. I feel healed and restored and the issues that I have been battling with for years have just fallen away. There is certainly now a rare taste of freedom that I have desired for years but have never been able to achieve. It’s as if I’ve woken up from a 35 year old dream. I feel so different, alive and free for which I praise God.

Testimony from Tracy

The only way that I can describe my journey through the Caleb Freedom course, is to imagine a thick, heavy door to a vault in a bank with lots of bolts and locks. In my vault, I had stored many things throughout my life, which I had tried time and time again to overcome, but failed. The Caleb Freedom course showed me how all of these issues led back to a king lie – a specific negative experience in my past, which had had a knock on effect that blighted many areas of my life.

Together with the one to one prayer, the journey of the course unlocked the door, bolt by bolt using key by key until the door finally opened during the final session.

This course has not only done wonders for my thoughts and attitudes towards myself and others, my relationship with God has also become deeper as I am beginning to understand what a full, abundant life could really be like.

Testimony from Rachel

The Caleb Freedom course has revealed things to me which I never knew and it has helped me so much in dealing with things in order to move on further and no longer to be held back and afraid to move in faith.

Testimony from Tracy F

Thank you again for ministering into my life with your love, care and fellowship these past few weeks.  I woke up this morning singing praises to the Lord and speaking in tongues.  I feel great, I feel renewed and confident in who I am, isn’t God Great!

Testimony from Corrine

This is a course not to be missed. It is a wonderful, awesome course for ordinary people like you and me. It has totally transformed me and it will change your life.”

Feedback Comments from a Four Session Caleb Select Course in Caerphilly

“Well presented; God centred; Holy Spirit inspired.”

“Inspirational and dynamic, anointed ministry at the deepest level. Transforming and powerful.”

“From information to fill our minds to a fire to fill our bellies.”

“Challenging, invigorating, encouraging.”

“I have felt challenged, renewed, loved and felt a real outpouring of the Holy Spririt when attending these sessions.”

“Excellent delivery and presentation in a clear and understandable format, with illustrations to qualify points.”

“Enjoyed the four sessions completely. Found the course very informative and instructive. It gave clear teaching and allowed me to see my place in the body more clearly. Found the teaching on Vision empowering.”

“Excellent communication; excellent material; motivational; empowering; reality in practice; life changing – all delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

“Very clear sessions ad extremely insightful.”

One liners

  • “It was such a joy to experience the passionate deliveries of the course leaders. Very inspirational, non-judgemental; very relaxed, encouraging and educational.”
  • “Fantastic module; very thought-provoking. Perfect for where we are as a church. Awesome!”
  • “Really rich, very concise and anointed.”
  • “Very comprehensive.”
  • “Most encouraging; gave a sense of moving forward into God’s agenda.”
  • “Thought that it was great for personal growth and how to pass that on to others.”
  • “Very instructive, practical, helpful on a personal level.”
  • “Very clear teaching.”
  • “Martin’s delivery is so clear and concise, yet it is profound in truth.”
  • “Well presented; stimulating.”
  • “Excellent training for God’s people – for such a time as this – what we all need to hear in order to do.”
  • “Everyone should go through Caleb.”
  • “Suggest all church leaders and interns attend this course.”
  • “Great! Just what I needed at this time, Encouraging, positive, fulfilling, giving a sense of purpose.”
  • “Thank you so much – I have really enjoyed today and would love to come again.”

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