Are You Radically Saved?Are You Radically Saved? is a small booklet of some 40 pages that was written to help newly born again Christians or Christians who have never really got off the ground with their faith, find a radical salvation that sets them free and launches them into abundant life. £2

Oak Trees That Flourish In The DesertOak Trees That Flourish In The Desert is an in depth evaluation of what many senior leaders are calling the New Apostolic Reformation. It examines the ministry of apostle, defines and gives a portrait of a ‘New Apostolic Church’ and challenges traditional mindsets in the context of how relevant the Church is in our 21st Century culture. £10

Releasing the Power of Living CellsReleasing The Power Of Living Cells is a cell leaders’ training course and manual. In a readable, practical and ‘hands-on’ way it unpicks the essential elements that enable any leader to make a real success of leading a small cell group. Further, it provides an evaluation tool to assess whether a person would make a good cell leader and offers many tips and activities that can be used to effectively lead a cell. £10

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