Vision Statement and the Caleb Dream

Vision Catchphrase

Creating Anointed Leaders to Empower the Body


Vision Statement

To develop a holistic Kingdom Life Centre in South Wales that is infused with a prophetic and apostolic spirit. From this heart, invite, heal, train, equip, empower and release potential or existing leaders into active, fruitful service for the glory of God.

Vision Expanded

  • a. Develop a holistic Kingdom Life Centre in South Wales that reflects Christ’s permeating presence – His love, life and excellence in all aspects of wholesome human endeavour.
  • b. Build a Holy Spirit empowered and empowering team, functioning within the context of relational Christian community, with an outreach heart for the local area.
  • c. Into this ‘heart’, receive, shape, equip and empower potential or existing leaders from all sectors of the Church.
  • d. Upon completion of the course and in consultation with their leaders, recommend them for service that dove-tails with their call.
  • e. Remain committed to each trained and released leader so that they eventually fulfil their ministry call and thereby reach their full potential.
  • f. Through relational bridge-building endeavours, develop a network of churches and ministries with whom we can become a mutual blessing.
  • g. Become a ministry that humbly serves and/or consults with any church or ministries in the love of Jesus, in whatever way both parties feel is appropriate.

Our Ultimate Dream

  • a. To acquire a large rural or semi-rural premises of some acreage in South Wales that has sufficient buildings/outbuildings for us to accommodate two core Director couples in their own houses and a minimum of 30 leadership course delegates to stay for an unlimited period of time in surroundings and accommodation units of comfort and excellence.
  • b. Within this complex, to build a large, dedicated communal lounge with a homely atmosphere where training courses and ministry can take place in an informal, therapeutic setting, yet equipped with the latest teaching and communication technology.
  • c. To further design an open plan catering and dining facility that resembles an up-market country pub layout, where meals, refreshments and small share groups can be taken to relax, share Jesus life with each other and enjoy building relationships.
  • d. To further have facilities on this site that could be used to develop other more holistic expressions of Kingdom activity and leadership such as:
  1. A Kingdom business and entrepreneur’s training facility. [This would become a branch of Caleb where this branch name of ‘Caleb’ would stand for Creating Anointed Leaders who Excel in Business.]
  2. A Kingdom music and creative arts studio where Christian artists, musicians and song writers could come and be trained prophetically. To release their art and music into the wider Body in the form of CD and DVD productions etc.
  3. A Kingdom health facility dedicated to giving training on how to improve people’s health and beauty in their body, soul and spirit.
  4. A Kingdom craft centre with on site show case and shop.
  5. A site to illustrate a Kingdom perspective on redeeming the earth (Eg: alternative technology, organic kitchen gardens etc).

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