John Theuns

John takes joy in loving people and helping them find their full potential

John is married to his patient and loving wife Kris and they have devoted their lives to serving Christ and His church. He takes joy in loving people and helping them find their full potential, so that they can fly. He achieves this by carefully listening to and walking with those God brings along his path – yet is also able to see the big picture.

Since 1990 he went full time with Operation Mobilisation and has continued to work in a variety of roles within this organisation to the present day. Further, until 2002 he worked with the local churches in East London to reach out to the local Muslim communities. Around that time, John also became involved with OM’s LUKE project (Love UK Evangelism), while at the same time helping with a local initiative called First Fruits. He helped provide training for partner churches, managed a homeless hostel and temporary houses, provided training, mentoring and at times counselling for local residents and employees.

In 2002, John and Kris moved to Cardiff to work alongside Rev Paul Houillebecq for four years in the desolate community of St Mellons and the Trowbridge area, helping to establish a local church and community center there called the Beacon Centre. In 2006 OM asked him to lead the Evangelism and Outreach Department of OM LUKE which became OM Lifehope. Some years later he was appointed as the Short Term Mission facilitator for OM Europe. Throughout that time John has been proactively part of OM’s training programmes, including their Mentoring Clinics and courses in Eastern Europe. He now resides in London and is part of a local church’s leadership that is engaged in the Love Beyond Network. He was recently appointed as the Chair of the Trustees of Caleb 14:24 Ministries and we have appreciated the wisdom and insights that he has brought to the team.