Trudy Wilkins

Trudy is thorough, ultra-diligent, encouraging and helpful, going the extra mile to help students achieve

Trudy was appointed to the role of Student Administration and Marking for Caleb 14:24 Ministries in 2014. She has thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of working with many Caleb Leadership Development Course students to help them achieve their qualifications since that time.

Her joint role has been in the marking of the AIM Qualifications student assignments, and in direct communication with them as their ‘Go to’ person for student queries. She has gained a wonderful reputation amongst them as one who is thorough, ultra-diligent and very encouraging and helpful – often going the extra mile for them.

For so many students, Trudy has made the difference between persevering to success or giving up; realising their God-given potential or it remaining dormant and developing their confidence or them remaining hampered by fear. She is as such a very highly appreciated member of the team and a long-standing friend to many of us.