CLDC Non-Qualification Course Modules

Caleb 14:24 offers a variety of courses

to inspire, equip and shape you and your ministry

The course modules that follow comprise of the individual modules that make up the Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC) – except that you are free to purchase any number and study them WITHOUT having to do the extra assignments needed to obtain a qualification. Each module contains the videos and notes for all three lessons. You can download the notes from the Materials tab and use them to follow the teaching as you watch each video. If you buy and complete at least 15 modules from the choice below, you will be able to apply to receive a Caleb Completion Certificate, by contacting us on email.

NB: All 21 modules are designed to give a truly comprehensive, well rounded leadership development course. As such, we would strongly recommend that you study all 21 of them. This will significantly enhance your leadership ability.

The fees shown on our website are set for online learners and reflect the lower costs involved. That said, one of our core values is to make it possible for everyone to access our courses. As such, if you feel that you are eligible to receive a discount on these fees, please write to us by clicking the ‘CONTACT’ button below and explaining your situation. For example, you may live in a country where wages are low, or you may be a missionary or student with limited means. We want to do whatever we can to make it possible for you to study with us and will therefore consider your case discreetly and compassionately.

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