I recently completed the CALEB Leadership Development Course in South Africa with Pastors Ken and Martin as our course deliverers. Their lives were inspiring and challenged me to raise my level of faith in Christ. I learned more than theoretical information; I was convicted and challenged to change my thinking as a result of all that Caleb taught. The content of the course caused me to search my heart and evaluate it in light of God’s Word; it was deep and yet practical for everyday living. I re-examined my calling to ministry and my current responsibilities in order to find my fit in the Kingdom of God. The diagnostic tools were great reminders in understanding how God designed me.

As a leader, I was reminded of the importance of the heart and character required for a spiritual leader, which was taught and demonstrated at every module. I believe that CALEB is what the church needs today as many may have strayed far away from God’s intended purpose. CALEB truly is a call to anointed leaders in helping to empower the Body of Christ. I would encourage every believer to do the CALEB Leadership Development Course, so that they can be better equipped to minister in the Kingdom of God.

Chantel Morar

Full Time Leader in Christian Revival Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


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