I found that attending the two year Caleb Leadership Development Course has helped my character develop so much. My confidence has grown from strength to strength and my ability to write and study has improved. I have a better understanding of the way in which we are to impact our fellowships by discovering my true identity in Christ. At the beginning of the course I was in a worship team and then went on to be a worship leader. Now I am a pastor at a local church; God has opened so many doors for me. So I would strongly recommend this course to those who feel a calling to leadership on their lives and want to understand and experience God on another level. If you’re like I was before I started – thinking I was just not good enough to pursue a course such as this one, take my advice and just do it! It’s been a stretch, but God will get you through. I’ve made incredible friendships that will last for life and Martin, Sue and the team have been such a source of encouragement and help. They’ve made this advanced, Level 3 standard course so easy to understand and each module was delivered in a very professional way. I would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills

Dale Barnhouse

Pastor of The Rock Community Church, Gilfach Goch


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