I found the course an absolute revelation right from the very first module. I feel it has, and will continue to shape the way I walk with the LORD, and importantly as one involved in church leadership, help shape the way I encourage others to grow and mature in Christ. The course has taught me the true essence of what it means to operate within a Kingdom dynamic, something that is so often missing from mainstream church today.

The course units were expertly structured and assembled, with each unit wonderfully building upon the others, to form a well-rounded course that touched all aspects and areas of a leader-disciple’s life. Importantly, they were delivered in an atmosphere of love, understanding and serenity without any hint of religiosity and judgement. The teachers and the styles of teaching were varied throughout, ensuring a wonderful mix that kept everything fresh and vibrant, yet continued to be revelation, all without deviating from Scripture. I always came away feeling very refreshed and greatly empowered.

I would strongly advise anyone who is considering to enrol on a Caleb course to also register to do the extra assignments to obtain a Level 3 qualification from the Open College Network, if possible. The OCN element greatly helps reinforce what has been taught and allows for independent research without being a grind. Committing to complete the written assessment questions has resulted in me being able to identify and attain a fuller understanding of my unique gifting within the body of Christ. The many practicable exercises incorporated into the module’s questions has greatly enhanced the way I lead and serve within the context of my home church. These allow the student to put theory directly into practice, as well as serving to quickly allay any fears or misconceptions that anyone may have regarding enrolling for a course, thinking that it is purely academic in nature. The online support and encouragement that I received throughout the course from the tutors was amazing and their patience and helpful insight was a true blessing.

I find myself continually revisiting the material that I have learned in order to help me in my secular day job as well as my church life. Indeed, I feel that everyone who is serious about their walk and relationship with Jesus should embark on the course. It is a life-changing discipleship course that will last life-long, and it is delivered with a spirit that we only really read about in Acts. Like myself, anyone who enrols on a Caleb course will soon find their Christian walk taken to a whole new level as they feel their lives greatly enriched, which can only bear fruit when a Spirit-led student applies the principles of the course to their daily walk. The only regret I have is that the course came to an end.

Dr. Lee Campbell

Medical Doctor and Elder at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Barry


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