I have been to many leadership courses in my Christian life; each course played a vital role in sharpening my skills. However, never in my life have I been more convicted, convinced and challenged doctrinally, theologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically like the way I have been on the CALEB course.

The Caleb Leadership Development Course (CLDC) has opened up to me new dimensions in my Christian walk. All that I have acquired over the years has come into focus through pursuing this course and it has all become a realty before my eyes. Now there is this thirsting for more of the ‘Caleb different spirit’. It has changed the course of my life and every module has been an eye-opener. Amidst the teachings, the sweet Holy Spirit was present, constantly nudging me to embrace more. I am now convinced that presenting the Gospel with a different spirit is what’s going to bring souls to the kingdom of God.

CALEB has helped prepare me to unleash the potential in other believers young and old and has shown me how to become more intimate with God. My intention is to teach the principles that I have learned to small groups of disciples so that individual lives are impacted, just as 2 Timothy 2:2 exhorts us: ‘And the things you heard me say, in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who also will be qualified to teach others.’

In my assessment as a senior pastor for many years, I believe that every leader in Africa needs this training as over the years, the Church in Africa has changed drastically. Some churches have disappeared, others seem to have been drawn to extra-biblical excesses of various kinds. This has ranged from an excessive emphasis on prosperity to mixing biblical practices with forms of witchcraft for self-interested gain etc. Thus the Gospel – especially in the more rural regions of Africa, has become contaminated by man’s false teaching. As such, trained leaders will definitely cause a huge breakthrough in Africa. I feel that CALEB’s leadership training programmes carry the potential to become a burning torch in Africa to bring back truth and life so that the bride of Christ can be well prepared.

Pastors Indrani and Jay Perumal

Senior Pastors and Church Planters, Johannesburg, South Africa


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