Having just finished the 2 year Caleb course here in Caernarfon, three things have particularly stood out to me:

1) The manner in which the course was delivered has always carried a sense of servant heartedness towards the Church. One of their core values has been, “How can we bless and encourage you in your walk with the Lord and in your leadership?”

2) The quality of the course content as well as the printed notes and slides have been outstanding – balanced and always rooted in Scripture.

3) Love for the Lord has always been obvious in the course teachers. They have all been different, but this is one thing that stands out and unifies them all!
Pursuing this course has enabled me to become more aware of the type of leader that I am. As a senior leader I am already seeing areas of my leadership that have been positively affected by what I have learned. This in turn has blessed the ministry I bring to the church I’m involved with.

Accordingly, I whole-heartedly recommend CALEB Ministries to anyone who has a heart to help lead Christ’s body into health and growth!

Steve Morris

Senior Pastor of Caernarfon Pentecostal Church, North Wales


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