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Caleb Consultancies evolved out of a request from a struggling church that had lost its way and most of its congregation. In 2008, we were asked to help them restore their confidence; work with them to establish a new vision; train and equip them to function and build towards its fulfilment, and work alongside them in its implementation. Today, they are a flourishing work of grace in what is a difficult area to grow in – the Rhondda Valleys of Wales where in 2002, less than 1% of the population went to church.

Since those first beginnings, we have consulted with a growing number of local churches and Christian ministries ranging from just one off sessions, to a series of consultancy sessions – or indeed providing external oversight to those who request this. We can offer a range of input including, leadership development, helping to unpack a church’s beliefs,
values, vision and mission and working with their worship band to improve the spirituality of their worship, etc. At all times, we completely respect and fully honour the autonomy of a church/ministry’s leadership and recognise always that we are there by invitation, not by right. Our passion and hallmark is to serve and facilitate and never to manipulate ordominate.

So if you feel that we could assist you to develop or grow in a specific way or help you steer your church/ministry towards a pathway to fruitfulness, please do contact us to arrange an initial chat.

We collaborate with you

‘Can I encourage you to take on board what has happened to our church. We are exploring issues that we have never got to grips with before through Caleb Ministries. The teaching sessions that have been brought have been very effective and always done with love and humility. They have increased our knowledge and love for Jesus and His work in our community. We expected great things from Caleb Ministries and it’s happening amongst us.

Gary Coleman, Providence Church, Ystrad

How does it work?

Caleb consultancy works with a church’s leadership to…

Help identify and develop a church’s vision, values and mission.

Analyse and if agreed, help tweak a church’s structural ‘wineskin’ to ensure maximum fruitfulness.

Improve the effectiveness of church leadership to release the ‘every member ministering’ dynamic (Eph 4).

Develop a relational, synergised team from core members and leaders of a church, to accomplish the vision.

Help create or expand a kingdom ethos of servant-heartedness and love as a foundation from which to develop missional discipleship.

Offer tailor made training courses to accelerate a church realising its vision and fulfilling its mission.

Spend time in prayer for the church and its leadership and become a support base at this more senior level.

Could your church benefit from our Church Consultancy?

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