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The Caleb Leadership Development Course will allow you to find identify and grow the gifts and talents that God has given you.

Owen Hughes

Youth Worker, Ogmore-by-Sea Church, South Wales

This is one of the most balanced and comprehensive leadership courses I have encountered.

Steve Harmes

Senior Pastor, River Dee Community Church, Flint, North Wales

The content of the course caused me to search my heart and evaluate it in light of God’s Word; it was deep and yet practical for everyday living.

Chantel Morar

Full Time Leader, Christian Revival Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

I have gained so much confidence in my leadership at my church now that I know where I fit in.

Audralynne Burns

Youth Worker, Florida, USA

This course showed me how to manage a church team which requires less of a natural and more of a supernatural approach.

Molly Chetty

Bank Manager and Church Leader, Johannesburg, South Africa

This is a blessed course, delivered by a ministry of people moved by the Holy Spirit

Christine Chandler

Developing Pastoral Worker, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Barry

I have been revived since I started attending the Caleb Leadership Development Course in Johannesburg. God has put a fire in my heart, so now I have a desire and the courage to use this material to inspire other leaders for the cause of His kingdom. It helped me to receive and develop a kingdom mindset, which has opened my eyes much more widely than before to what it means to lead from a Kingdom perspective.

Pastor Meshack Gezani Chauke

Pastor and Church Planter, Limpopo Region, South Africa

There’s only one thing that disappoints me about this course, it’s ended! Right from the outset it took me on a journey that was informative and inspiring. The material is of an extremely high calibre, presented by gifted teachers who themselves reflect the essence of the kingdom servant-heartedness that they teach.

Joan Huges

Leader, Gateway Church, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

The Caleb course has challenged me and pushed me to grow in different areas of ministry and my relationship with the Lord. I have learned more about my own self through doing this course, such as my spiritual gifting as well as being challenged in areas I have not always been comfortable with. Overall I have absolutely loved every moment of this course training and will always value it and take what I have learned into my future en-devours in ministry work. I am thankful for Martin taking his time to come teach us each month and share his passion for this program with us.

Abby Claire-Smith

Youth Worker, Louisiana, USA

This course has had a major impact on me as an individual, as well as from a leadership perspective. I have now become practiced in looking at everything from a 5-fold ministry, Christ-centred perspective – even though I thought I was doing things Biblically before.

Pat Lewis

Church Plant Leader, Gateway Church, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Over the last nineteen months it has been a privilege to attend the Caleb Leaders’ course led by Martin and Sue Allen. The anointed teaching, excellent prepared notes, encouragement, fellowship and hospitality received during the Caleb days have been superb. I would greatly encourage others to enrol for the next course.

Megan Griffiths

Co-ordinator of Pastoral Care and Cell Group Leader

Taking part in Caleb this year has been really helpful and insightful in my life. From learning things specifically about how I function as a leader, to learning more about the function of the church. It’s helped me understand more about who I am as a person and how I work in the tasks that I am given. It’s been a very eye-opening experience and I’m thankful to have had this opportunity to learn from Martin and the team.

Madison Perry

Youth Worker, Texas, USA

Pursuing this course has enabled me to become more aware of the type of leader that I am. As a senior leader I am already seeing areas of my leadership that have been positively affected by what I have learned. This in turn has blessed the ministry I bring to the church I’m involved with.

Steve Morris

Senior Pastor, Caernarfon Pentecostal Church, North Wales

The Caleb leadership course has helped me to better understand how I function and how to reach my full potential as a leader. Using the knowledge from Caleb, I can now help others to discover their own God given talents and find how they can best serve and find fulfilment in how God has made them to be.

Hannah Sober

Youth Worker, Louisiana, USA

CALEB has given me important tools to use and teach the members of our Worship Team. Eg: Prioritizing and Managing Time, Kingdom Worship, Protecting Personal Boundaries, Building Effective Teams, Relational Leadership etc. and many more. I’m glad I get to keep the content and will use it as a 2-way mirror manual – keeping us close to the Word in all we do and by providing a measure to evaluate our worship and church progress.

Bradley Ramsamy

Worship Leader, Johannesburg, South Africa

I found the course an absolute revelation right from the very first module. I feel it has, and will continue to shape the way I walk with the LORD, and importantly as one involved in church leadership, help shape the way I encourage others to grow and mature in Christ. The course has taught me the true essence of what it means to operate within a Kingdom dynamic, something that is so often missing from mainstream church today.

Dr. Lee Campbell

Medical Doctor and Elder, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Barry, Wales

I have been to many leadership courses in my Christian life; each course played a vital role in sharpening my skills. However, never in my life have I been more convicted, convinced and challenged doctrinally, theologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically like the way I have been on the CALEB course.

Pastors Indrani and Jay Perumal

Senior Pastors and Church Planters, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
You have been endlessly supportive and literally my greatest source of encouragement this year! I REALLY appreciate all your hard work marking my assignments and for returning each one with words of kindness and grace. Thank you for always cheering me on and for helping me to make the assignments the best I can make them. I’ll be praying tonight that God reimburses you for the time you’ve spent marking and emailing and that He just blesses you hugely for all the kindness you have shown!
Sian Rees

Director, Evangelical Alliance Wales

“I found that attending the two year Caleb Leadership Development Course has helped my character develop so much. My confidence has grown from strength to strength and my ability to write and study has improved. I have a better understanding of the way in which we are to impact our fellowships by discovering my true identity in Christ.

Dale Barnhouse

Pastor, The Rock Community Church, Gilfach Goch, Wales

I am very thankful for the Caleb Leadership Development course for helping me realize my potential and grow in my skills and gifts. It has helped me understand what a healthy, biblical model of a church should look like, and has helped me understand how to work best with different churches and leaders.
Haven Taylor

Youth Worker, Texas, USA


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