Church Oversight

We offer long-term collaboration with pastors and leaders to provide spiritual oversight as well as support and guidance as they seek to achieve the vision for their church

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men on sofa

After receiving some Caleb Consultations, a growing number of church pastors and
leaders have asked us to provide spiritual oversight for them and their church. This has
been especially so with churches that are not affiliated to a denomination and who are
independent. Essentially, such oversight grows out of a deepening relationship that has
formed over time, or from the recommendation of others who have received it.

While it is formally acknowledged in front of the church, more often than not, oversight happens on an informal basis over scheduled monthly coffee chats with either the point leader and/or the leadership team. Victories, concerns and needs are shared and encouragement given. Often an attentive listening ear, interspersed with insightful questions, brings about resolution to any problems and a way forward emerges in the midst of the conversations. From time to time we are invited to bring what the Lord has laid on our hearts prophetically for the church on a Sunday morning. On other occasions, we may get involved in helping to resolve church issues if that was asked for.

Our heart is never to usurp, manipulate or coerce a leader to do anything. Rather, we endeavour to draw alongside as a supportive companion or spiritual father – ever realizing that we are there only by invitation and not by right.

As a ministry, we believe in the need for apostolic ministry. Accordingly, a number of our
team members have a definite apostolic anointing. In light of this, some of the pastors/leaders we work with who do not have external covering, consider this ministry to be their apostolic oversight.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to ask further questions, please get in touch with us.

We support and work with you…

“Caleb 14:24’s oversight has been instrumental in both the commencement and continual life of Gateway Church. Martin & Sue’s knowledge, wisdom and experience was invaluable in formulating our vision, values and considering our prophetic roots when re-launching. Personally, knowing I can contact Martin for any advice and the regular coffee chats for personal support has been of huge benefit both to me and my ministry.”

Paul Knowlson, Gateway Church

“Martin is a spiritual father to our church family! His wisdom, unique insight and
leadership perspectives are invaluable. Throughout our journey Martin has always
been there to encourage us in tough times, celebrate our victories and help us
navigate to the next level.”

Tim Oliver, Grace Life Centre

“I really appreciate Martin and the gifts he brings to Solihull Christian Fellowship.  Martin’s approach is steered toward creating Kingdom relationships, and as such his focus is always on how best he can help and support you.  This creates a trusting relationship, where you feel at ease sharing anything with Martin knowing that his Godly wisdom will help you move forward as a church and also as an individual.”

Ben Lees, Senior Pastor, Solihull Christian Fellowship

Could your church benefit from church oversight?

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