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Martin Allen
A shout out to all of our leadership friends.

Hey, welcome to our first Caleb Blog. In this one we want to spell out what we have in mind for these blog pages and what we feel the Lord has laid on our hearts as a vision to serve us all.

Every two weeks, myself and other members of the Caleb team will be posting new blogs designed with the needs of leaders in mind. We hope and pray that they will be enjoyable and useful. With your feedback and participation, we will be able to keep improving them and streamline them to include the topics that you request and which are of interest to you. 

In our experience, leadership can at times, be a lonely existence. The daily demands of people’s needs can take its toll on our minds, emotions and relationships. So often leaders tell us that outwardly they wear a brave face but on the inside it’s a different story. Being able to share our needs in confidence and form deeper relationships with others who know what it feels like, can be a huge encouragement and safety valve. Receiving specific prayer and prophetic input can become a massive boost and help us discern life from God’s perspective. That is what we want this forum to achieve – to establish over time, solid relationships built on authentic, real conversations that dismantle the pretense that we must ‘keep smiling as the show must go on’.

As such please be encouraged to contribute to the discussion in the comments section below. Together we will help one another become the best we can be and by God’s grace alone, enable us to forge a unity and oneness that Jesus longs for and which He prayed for in John 17.

Please invite your leadership friends to read the blogs and join in on the conversations. Of course, we will differ in a number of ways – in theology; personality; style etc. However, if we come together with a meek spirit and a genuine desire to lay our differences aside so that we can proactively help one another, for some of us this could become a life line and for others an opportunity to bless the wider body.

The kind of topics we will be writing about this year will include:

  • Why sharing your heart wisely with mature leader friends is essential for all leaders.
  • The Law of Reciprocity – why others need us to be vulnerable 
  • What might the new normal look like for our churches and ministries?
  • How to survive in lockdown and actually use it to improve our leadership and ministry.
  • Becoming comfortable and proficient when speaking on Zoom and other platforms.
  • Necessary mind-shifts needed to thrive in the current climate
  • What to do about feeling isolated and out on a limb.
  • Why investing in your small group leaders reaps dividends
  • What all small group leaders need to thrive
  • 5 essentials to remain on course for the long haul
  • How to protect our essential relationships

We so look forward to getting to know you better. Until the next time, be blessed abundantly.

Martin Allen (Founding Director of Caleb Ministries)

PS: Why not also check out our Podcasts and Videos below.

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  1. Martin Allen

    Hi Friends. The Comments section is now live and we invite you to join in the conversations. Please share what’s on your heart. Many blessings. Martin

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